Impotence Drugs Available At Last in Thailand

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Impotence Drugs Available At Last in Thailand
Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration secretary-general Pipat Yingseree yesterday stated that guidelines were being created to permit Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra to be sold at certified pharmacies.
The FDA had been monitoring the use of the brand-name impotence drugs Viagra, Cialis, Elonza, Levitra and Tonafil for the last 10 years and finally felt that the safety level of the products was adequate.
A doctor’s prescription would be necessary to obtain the drugs.
The FDA had observed pervasive sales of erectile dysfunction drugs under a research project funded by major drug makers.
The well known impotence drugs so far have only been legally obtainable for sale at hospitals after prescription by a doctor. They have been widely available under the counter at the price of $15U.S. per tablet.

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